Friday, July 20, 2018

Really, we only went out to buy some jalapenos

Ah yet another adventurous day when a quick trip (about a 30 minute walk) into town to buy some jalapenos, somehow ended up lasting about 2 hours or more and we certainly did more than buy jalapenos.

Our first stop was just a few blocks from home where we had to stop into UOU Furniture (and more) store to see what they had in new and to look for mattress protectors for our friend's home.  They have so many beautiful things in there (though the mattress protectors were cheap in price and quality) that we couldn't resist sharing these photos with you and there are so many things that I wanted to buy for us and for our friends .. but we resisted .. somehow.

These beautiful pictures (yes they are covered in stretch plastic right now) are each only 350 pesos and I know the perfect place for each one of them

They have a huge selection of this beautiful glassware ranging from those beautiful tall vases at 300 pesos each to the gorgeous glassware seen on this fabulous tables and more .. lots more.

It took us a while to get out of there and we know that we will be back in a few weeks to see what new things they have added again .. it is always just such an adventure browsing in there and always a huge feat of strength to resist buying a load of beautiful artwork and furniture pieces - somehow we are still managing to pretty much maintain our attitude of 'we can only own it if it fits in the back of the Prius' .. except for our lovely double recliner love-seat that we treated ourselves to a few months after moving into our apartment.

Finally we got out of there and carried on walking alongside the carretera headed for the village when suddenly the strap on my 'had them since years before we left San Antonio' Sketchers sandals finally broke .. but wait ... we are less than a block away from that wonderfully cheap shoe shop that sells good shoes .. so we backtracked a little way and I bought a lovely pair of very comfortable leather sandals for the outrageous (tongue in cheek) price of 180 pesos .. yes that really is only $9.45 US according to today's exchange rate. No wonder I am now the proud owner of THREE pairs of sandals for probably the first time in my life!

By this time we were little more than half way to our favorite fruit and vegetable shop but I continued the walk in comfort and style.  At the vegetable shop I saw a fresh batch of pork crackling .. it was lunch time and I had not had breakfast and this fits my Keto lifestyle .. a lovely piece of fresh crispy crackling cost me 7 pesos.  We also bought mushrooms, some amazing fresh mint that had just came in the door and smelled so amazing and a beautiful bunch of fresh asparagus .. for these we paid 70 pesos.
The Poblano peppers and jalapenos we had to get from another little veggie shop because they didn't have any fresh ones in our usual store .. they cost us 10 pesos.  Sorry no photo of the crackling because I was too hungry and was busy eating that while walking to the second veggie store he he

Finally we had what we went to town for .. but wait .. if we were lucky we would still be able to get fresh baked cinnamon rolls from the little back alley bakery that we love.  So off we trotted to Panaderia Rojas where we bought the last five bolillos and eight huge cinnamon rolls for 76 pesos.

That was it for today and we headed home as quickly as we could, instead of lingering in town for coffee because Gerald was in a hurry to eat cinnamon rolls - so he promised to make me coffee at home so that he could have coffee and cinnamon rolls.  He also very gallantly spread the love by giving a couple to our landlord (who lives upstairs) and to our gardener/handyman (who lives downstairs).

We found out from the second vegetable shop that the good fresh bigger jalapenos will be in tomorrow but we needed to buy them today to prepare for a gathering that we are having at our place tomorrow.  If you think those jalapenos in the photo look good, you should see what we could have got tomorrow !

Stay tuned for the next adventure :)


  1. Can’t wait to visit UOU and THAT bakery 😉 Nice sandals Rosalind.

  2. Still LOVING those 2 pictures! Hee hee! 😘😘