Monday, April 17, 2017

Mazatlan Fun

Our first day in Mazatlan started with coffee on the balcony looking out over the ocean with only the sounds of the waves and birds, it felt like paradise and I could not have imagined this splendor.

We took a long walk along the beach before attending our 'free' breakfast which, needless to say, turned out to be a couple of hours of attempted coercion into buy into Puebla Bonita timeshare properties.  They really are almost as hard sell as Wyndham, though no-one can be quite that bad.  We did end up with a nice breakfast, a free city tour (which we will be doing on Tuesday morning) and a $200 (US) resort credit - that credit will see us be enough for us to use for meals for the rest of the week so I guess  it was worth the pain.

Our day was spent catching up on computer stuff like blogs and Spanish lessons (though we had a great Spanish lesson chatting with Esmerelda our housekeeping lady), playing in the waves and catching up on rest while stretched out under those lovely white awnings on beach loungers.  The only thing missing was those drinks with all the umbrellas, maybe we should use some of our resort credit for one of those while we are here too.

Our days in Mazatlan were mostly days on the beach and at the pool, living the tourist beach life - swimming, drinking pina coladas, reading books etc. They have several pools and we spent most of our time at the adult pool where it was nice and quiet even though they had a good pool bar there. We are not connected most of the time because a) it costs more than we need to spend and b) we have realized that it is nice to be disconnected.

The hotel staff were amazing, always friendly and greeting us every time we passed anyone (and there were usually more staff members than guest wherever we went).

Here are a few shots from the Mazatlan City Tour where we visited the Basilica (mass was in progress but all the city tours pull in here non-stop - it has wonderful architecture and I think that it may have been even busier than usual because we were here during holy week).

Susanna, our very strong, persuasive tour guide 

Shrimp is huge (and there are some really big shrimp) in Mazatlan and they have even set aside a block where shrimp vendors set up their stalls every day.

We saw the high divers but were not terribly impressed as it was terribly over commercialized.

The sunsets are absolutely amazing and we want to share an evening with you.


  1. Looks great! Hope you are enjoying yourselves. I miss you both so very very much. Look forward to your posts! xoxo

    1. Thanks for the comment, I wish that more people would comment so that I know what they like and don't feel as though I am writing to a huge glassy eyed void ha ha. Love you tons