Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wandering Saltillo on Foot

Enough driving for a while - we decided to walk to the local pharmacy to get Gerald's Alopurinal.  We did well explaining our need, asking how much and paying for it.  It was a lovely sunny, warm day after a chilly start (and the hot water was not hot, guess that is something we may have to get used to).  Since we wanted to get some steps in and explore more, we decided to walk to HEB - yes, our favorite grocery store from Texas is here in Saltillo, Mexico.  We passed interesting buildings and shops and found out that there is no such a thing pedestrian crossings at traffic lights or pretty much anywhere else here which is ironical because we saw pedestrian crossings on the highway seemingly in the middle of nowhere when we were driving to Saltillo.  So today we have learned to ask how much something costs and how to walk across a busy street - you just have to look at oncoming traffic and walk fast or run to at least the middle and repeat.  We didn't see a lot of pedestrians but did see that is the way to do it.  We shared a gordita from a street vendor as a snack on our walk and it was lovely (cost about 50 cents).

HEB was fun, comparing products and prices and we stopped at the cafe at the exit and shared a sandwich and coffee while trying to contact our host and let him know that we had run out of gas for the heater.

Walking back seemed much longer than walking there and it was actually hot - I was sweating and wondering why we didn't take a bottle of water with us.  That reminds me, the mini water filtration system that we bought a while back is really paying off - I am filling bottles and our lovely RTIC thermal cups with water and not having to worry about finding water to buy.

We passed several restaurants both fine dining and local places and found that the prices of food are very cheap (especially with the current exchange rate) but are still unsure what we want to do for supper this evening.  When we passed a Panaderia y Pasteleria, I just had to go in and have a look at what they have even though it was a bit late in the day for a bakery.  We ended up treating ourselves to a chocolate bigote (like a chocolate croissant) for 9.50 pesos (almost 50 cents) - we took that home and shared it with a cup of tea while catching up on blog writing and Spanish lessons.

Suddenly those cold floor tiles are feeling very good after overheating while walking in the hot sun all day.

No pictures today but lets see where we go tomorrow!

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