Sunday, July 17, 2016

Progress - stop the multiplying

Well I think that we might finally have got into the depths of those dark recesses where all the multiplying has been taking place.  This weekend we got serious about getting items together to take to Colorado for Karen and Karl - now we have emptied the safe, shredded the contents, pictures are off the wall and some memories relinquished to recycle and garbage - the memories are stored in our minds, we don't need the weight of their physical storage.

The NuWave oven and Shark Steam Mop have been sold on Craig's List and even some spices and so on from the pantry have been put out to stock Karen's pantry.

Once all this has been moved out of the lounge into the car (is there going to be room for me ??) then we will be looking at a less stressful living environment.  The office is looking much clearer now and I can finally see that there is going to be room for the blow up mattress in there and the chance to turn it into a bedroom of sorts of Ian and Sian when they visit in a couple of months .. wow time is really passing, it is half way through July now so that means it is only 6 or 7 weeks until that amazing summer holiday that we have been planning all year. Although we are down sizing and getting rid of as much as possible, we bought a couple of new pillows yesterday - they were on sale at an amazing give-away price so at least Ian and Sian will have nice new pillows to rest their heads on.  Gerald gets through pillows a couple of times a year so these are not going to be wasted at all and with the compression bags that we got with our Amazon special purchase, they are going to squish up to next to nothing.

The closet in the bedroom is looking much emptier now and the closet in the office has enough room for Ian and Sian to put their clothes - not that we are going to be here much with the road trip to Las Vegas taking most of our time.

Yes, we are definitely beginning to see signs of getting there.

We are also thinking about taking a weekend to make a 'border run' during October or November - a trial run across the border into Mexico to see how it goes and prepare ourselves for the real thing.

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